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Mitchell R. Humphreys, M.D.


Address: 11120 N Tatum Blvd, Ste 101 Phoenix, AZ 85028



Professional Overview


Dr. Humphreys is an expert in Urology and committed to education, research and international volunteerism.  He has been employed by Mayo Clinic since 2000 where he has developed a worldwide reputation as being a thought leader in the field of Endourology.  He has developed new surgical procedures, trained urologists, founded a fellowship, served on committees and boards, published articles and written book chapters.  His passion is people and taking care of people to restore their quality of life in as dignified manner as possible.

About Me


Mitch's connections with International medicine and specifically with Haiti are very personal.  Father Rick Frechette, a patient and the acting director of medical services of NPH International, who is based in Haiti, asked a simple yet profound question: "Can you do for the men of Haiti what you have done for me?"  On the surface it seemed like an easy request and Mitch was only too eager to say "yes".  However, when it came time to organize, deploy, and deliver high-quality health care with little to no infrastructure in a place like Haiti, the true enormity of the challenge became obvious.  So to arise to the occassion, Mitch and Dr. Bhavesh Patel embarked on the journey to form Global, Surgical and Destination Healthcare, otherwise known as GSD Healthcare, Inc.


GSD Healthcare, Inc. was created with a vision and goal to serve a larger purpose while delivering high-quality health care to those in desperate need where life and death hung in the balance.  Since its inception the organization has grown and evolved but the underlying mission of service and quality of care still ring true in everything GSD does to help people throughout the globe.


In his spare time Mitch is a consummate family man, spending every free moment with his wife, Angie, and their two daughters.  Whether hiking, putting together puzzles, watching movies, playing sports, or riding bikes Mitch cherishes his family time.  He is also a sports fanatic, especially when it comes to the University of Missouri.  Mitch grew up in Columbia, MO and attended undergrad and medical school at Mizzou so our family supports the black and gold from Arizona, getting to Missouri as often as possible for a game or two.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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