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India COVID-19

The COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted the sheer collapse and inadequacies of medical systems under stress, especially in India, where citizens succumbed to the virus due to lack of necessities like oxygen. Despite heroic efforts from healthcare workers and not-for-profit and government agencies, the crisis in India is far from over and we expect a new wave of COVID infection to occur.


A group of physicians and allied health staff at Mayo Clinic Arizona have collaborated to provide humanitarian relief to India. A three-pronged approach for the relief activities has been implemented:

  1. Early intervention –Crowd funding for oxygen concentrators, Distribution of PPE kits, Medication, and discretionary giving through non-profit organizations like SEWA, Indian Red Cross and others. 

  2. Ongoing Support – CME activities targeted to disseminate best practices, voluntary telehealth services through eGlobalDoctors. 

  3. Long term support – Establish Infrastructure support, COVID orphan support, food bag services to families losing their bread earners. 

To best provide longitudinal support for the Indian subcontinent, a need for oxygen generator plants in rural and semi-urban cities with a significant enhancement area has been identified.  Implementing oxygen generator plants will reduce dependence on liquid medical oxygen, refillable cylinders, and alleviate supply chain disruption. Through partnership with local government or non-profit hospitals, infrastructural support will be developed to ensure long term viability, including installation, site preparation and ongoing maintenance of the oxygen generator plant.

In collaboration with Doctors For You (DFY), an Indian non-profit organization,  our group has identified multiple hospitals run through various government agencies and non-profit organizations which are looking for assistance in establishing oxygen generator plant.   DFY will assist in site preparation, communication with the vendor and installation of the unit at no cost. 


The anticipated cost of a single oxygen generation unit of 250 LPM capacity is in the range from $39,000-$41,000.


As of September 17, 2021 we have exceeded our goal of raising $30,000.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped support this cause.

If you would like additional information, please contact:

Dr. Parminder Singh - (917) 816-8595

Dr. Radhika Dhamija - (507) 244-1169


Oxygen Generator Plant

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