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Angela M. Humphreys


Address: 11120 N Tatum Blvd, Ste 101 Phoenix, AZ 85028


Professional Overview



Angie is a Minnesota native who followed her heart to Arizona and has never looked back.  Believe it or not it took her a few years to appreciate the year-round sunshine but she is now grateful for the warm days when it is snowing in Minnesota!  Angie attended a small college in North Dakota where she had a successful volleyball career and graduated with a BA degree in International Business/Marketing/Communications.  She later received her MBA from Golden Gate University.


Angie worked in government consulting for over 10 years as a traveling consultant, working with school Special Education Medicaid programs nationwide.  After growing tired of living in airports, hotels, and out of a suitcase, she transitioned to the other side of the business and worked as a proposal manager.  She is also the Vice President of a medical consulting company, a part-time high-school and club volleyball coach, and is working on a new online company startup. Additionally, she is a stay-at-home mom to her two young daughters, which she finds both more rewarding and a more challenging job than anything in the corporate world.

About Me



In her spare time Angie enjoys spending time with family, playing sports and working out, playing with her girls, pushing herself creatively, watching movies, reading, and playing board and card games.


Angie's husband and daughters inspire her.  She is always in awe of the things her husband is able to accomplish and just the way his mind works to solve problems.  Her daughters are inspiring because of their unconditional love and the way they can laugh about the silliest things and are always able to enjoy being in the moment.

Volunteerism is in Angie's blood.  Since a young age she has spent her life in service, whether on mission trips, volunteering at the local food bank or homeless shelter, or just helping out a neighbor.  She spent time in high school as a volunteer HIV/AIDS educator for the Red Cross and that experience really opened her eyes to the various needs and opportunities available to help her fellow man.  She knows that she is extremely blessed and truly believes that every person deserves to feel appreciated and important no matter his or her circumstances.  The human connection is something that cannot be expressed in words but is that emotion that causes your eyes to well up with tears because you have helped someone in such a small way but it has had the largest and most positive impact on their life. 

Angie's mother is an inspiration to her.  She is an amazing woman who is the most caring and loving individual.  She has lived a life of service that is absolutely astounding and she is able to show compassion and love to everyone she encounters.  She has dealt with a lot of tough situations in her life but she has come out on top and maintains a positive attitude through it all.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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